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Steps To Plan Your Outdoor Party

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Outdoor Party

Those of us with a large garden and outdoor seating area have a great extra space for entertaining friends and throwing parties. The problem is that we don’t all make the most of it. Outdoor entertainment can be fun, especially in the summer. However, it pays to prepare. That is where the following six tips can help.

1) Create A Nice Place For Everyone To Sit

No-one wants to be standing around at a garden party. The kids may be happy on the grass, but adults need a comfortable area to sit, eat, drink and chat. That means lots of chairs, cushions, and blankets to create a cozy space. Blankets are essential if this outdoor party is going on into the evening.

2) Make The Area Inviting And Pretty

There are two ways of doing this. Start with décor and decorations that guest with enjoy. Table decorations, furnishings and string LED lighting all add to the outdoor entertainment. Make sure to focus on this if the party has a theme or it is a special occasion. Then there is the garden itself. It will look great if the flowers are in bloom. However, a messy garden won't is inviting. Prune, mow and tidy the mess to get it looking great.

3) Serving Food And Drink

Try buffet style outdoor party where food is easily eaten with fingers. There should be no fancy meals with knives and forks in the garden. Add some variety to keep people happy. If cutlery is needed, go with plastic for safety. Also, ensure that everyone has a drink and stays hydrated with a good water supply. Party drink machines can add some fun, like Margarita makers for iced cocktails. In the evening, especially with kids around, cocoa and toasted marshmallow are a great option.

4) Consider Some Games And Other Outdoor Entertainment Options

Party games are always fun, so why not get creative out in the garden. Lawn games are great for some old-fashioned fun. It is easy to find sets online for fun, competitive games like croquet, bowls, and horseshoes. Kid-friendly games may be for a family occasion. Treasure hunts appeal to old and young alike. While you are playing, you also need some tunes from a good outdoor music system.

5) Prepare For Different Weather And Temperatures

If your outdoor party is on a hot day, avoid the midday sun. Provide shade with canopies and, if there is a chance of rain showers, make sure the canopy is waterproof. You may also consider misting systems to cool down on summer’s afternoon, or outdoor fireplaces for cooler evenings. These fireplaces also add to that cozy feeling. Also, hot temperatures can mean two unwanted guests: insects and sunburn. Supply sunscreen and bug repellent to guests. Maybe also try citronella candles for a safe, pleasing option.

6) Finally, Don’t Forget About The Clean-Up At The End

 When the outdoor entertainment is over, we still have to clean up. It helps to prep for this with easy-clean tableware, bowls, glasses and other options. A wipe-down tablecloth that won’t stain is ideal. Again, here is where plastic items come in handy with the glasses and cutlery – they are disposable!

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