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Enjoy Your Outdoor Patio In The Winter

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Outdoor Heating Products

We all want to make the most out of our outdoor areas. Patios areas are ideal for family gatherings, especially in the summer months when the evenings stay bright and cool. It can be harder to spend so long out there in the colder temperatures of spring or shorter evenings of fall. One solution here is to invest in some outdoor heating to take the edge off. There are lots of ways to add some heat to a patio. They range from basic furnishing to large fires, with some interesting outdoor heating products in-between. It all comes down to finding the right option for your needs, and space.

Fireplaces And Fire Pit For Outdoor Heating

Wood-burning fire pits are ideal for an authentic fire and plenty of warmth. They are a beautiful, natural addition to the area that the whole family can appreciate. Gas-powered heating products can also provide a great flame from the right product. Another option here is an electric fireplace. As the name suggests, this outdoor appliance uses electricity rather than propane or wood to heat up an outdoor space. This is often seen as a great option where safety and convenience are a concern. The lack of real flames and dangerous materials mean they are secure to use around children. The only problem here is that gas and wood-burning options are better suited to the outdoors.

What About Smaller Patio Heaters As A Heat Source During The Evening?

If a fireplace seems too much, an electric or propane heating lamp may be preferable. They are a simple addition to the patio for a little extra warmth. They are safe, portable and often more convenient in smaller spaces. If you are keen on this option, the following gas patio heaters may be of interest.

4 Of The Best Gas Heating Products For The Patio

Starting with the cheapest of the four, we have the AmazonBasics Havana Patio Heater. This model has a very affordable list price of $139. It has a pretty standard design with the base and heat lamp. The finish is a powder-coated bronze for a nice look in many patios. There is also the benefit of the strong heat output of 46,000 BTU's, simple ignition and safety auto shut-off tilt. Buyers have mentioned that it is not of the greatest quality. This is perhaps not a huge surprise at the price. However, it still produces a good heat and is a welcome addition.

The Fire Sense Hammer Tone Patio Heater in Bronze is interested in the direct comparison. It has a specification that is very similar to the AmazonBasics model. This includes the 46,000 bonus, Piezo ignition, and safety auto shut. However, it is much more expensive at $189. Here the reports about the quality are better, and it too offers a good heat. The downside is the poor instruction manual.

Next, we had the AZ Patio Heaters Patio Heater, with its quartz glass tube and hammered Bronze effect. The nicer design means a higher price tag of $215. There are some nice features here in the design of the access door, wheels and variable controls. The BTUs are lower, at 40,000 and there are some mixed reviews on heat output. The impact depends on the space. It is also bit tricky to put together.

Finally, we have the most expensive of the four: the Thermo Tiki Deluxe Patio Heater. This $299 propane model is one where style is a little more important than function, with the pyramid shape and dancing flame. Some use it more as a decorative piece than a heater but still enjoy it. It claims to be easy to use, durable, safe and portable.

These Heating Products Are Great But Don’t Forget That There Are Other Options Too

In addition to buying a patio heater, you can also add better furnishings, blankets, and other items for outdoor heating. Blankets are not only something to curl up under. The right look adds an illusion of warmth and creates an inviting space. Guests will want to stay there, with or without the heater. Finally, some form of the enclosure on the space can help too. Add a roof of some kind to keep the heat in and make it even cozier.

There are lots of options available to homeowners looking to improve their outdoor heating. Fire pits and large fireplaces are a big statement and heat source. However, the solution could be simpler than that. Gas patio heaters are a wonderful midway point that offers heat without overpowering the space. These heating products, a new roof, and some inviting blankets are all you need for a patio makeover.



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