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Best Outdoor Fabric For Patio Seating

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Beautiful Outdoor Fabric For Patio Furniture

Some of the most inviting pieces of patio furniture are those with soft furnishings and beautiful fabrics. They create a cozier feel to an outside space. Homeowners should not shy away from fabric just because these chairs and loungers are outside. Weatherproofing, canopies and removable, washable canvas covers can take care of all that. There are now plenty of choices in outdoor fabric, styles, colors and patterns.

Why Choose Fabric Options For Patio Furniture?

Fabric is soft and stylish

Fabrics are an important part of this area because they help to set the tone and theme. They provide inviting places to sit, protection for tableware and canopies and curtains for shade and shelter. We immediately think of the fabric upholstery for the seats and cushions, but consider matching canopies, awnings, table cloths and other elements at the same time.

What Color Should You Choose?

There is no limit to your options of colors these days. The choice depends on the look of the patio area and personal preference. You may want to go for bold block colors that provide warmth and complement the planting. You may prefer a natural approach with greens and earth tones. The range of tones means that there is something for everyone if you prepare to shop around a little.

What About The Pattern?

 It depends on taste and the feel of the areas

When it comes to the pattern, that too depends on taste and the feel of the areas. Do you want clean lines and elegance or a cozy, cottage garden feel? Floral prints are an obvious pick with outdoor fabric. Stripes are also easy to pair up with other soft furnishings and decorations, like cushions, tablecloths, and awnings.

What Types Of Fabrics Should You Consider?

A tough, weatherproof fabric can help, like canvas covers or a wipe clean fabric. Canvas is popular because it not too expensive and much more durable that some other options. Creative types may choose to use a blank canvas and fabric paint for a personalized approach.

Vinyl is common and practical regarding cleaning and maintenance, but it isn’t the nicest material to sit on when reclining in patio furniture. One of the best approaches is a solution dyed acrylic fabric. Not only is this pretty water resistant, but the colors also don't fade so easily. Alternatively, place softer cotton and linens under a canopy.

Whichever you choose, prepare for them to get wet in the heavy rain, dirty from mud, or dust. It all depends on the local climate. At the same time, prepare for the maintenance and cleaning. This is why we advocate removable, machine washable covers. This is also why many would advise against going for white fabrics.

Another aspect we tend to overlook is the material within the cushions. If water does get in, it could soak into the foam, causing problems with moisture and mold. There are specialist foam padding materials that deflect the water, but they are more expensive.

There Are Clearly More Fabric And Material Choice Than You Probably Expected

The world of fabrics for outdoor furnishings was once limited and unappealing. Now it is broad with some interesting new materials and designs to improve the quality of products. With some thought on the purpose and design of the area, you are sure to find outdoor fabrics that are perfect.



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